Film Review

Tips on writing an excellent film review

Film review can be mundane as your assessment of the film is likely to conflict with those of the readers. Although it is relaxing and enjoyable to watch a film and give an opinion, readers will not always share in your opinions. Therefore, it is important to develop multi-perspective view of the film before writing a review irrespective of this antagonism. Here are some tips you should keep at the back of your mind when writing a film review.

  • Introduction

After studying the films and probably watching it even more than once, you will be able to understand the story line and some of the basic details about the film. Some of the basic things you should note include the names of the main actors, the director and the year it was released. You can also add a few indisputable facts to establish grounds for your review.

  • Describe the plot of the film

Remember that not all readers have watched the film. Therefore, in your review provide a summary of the review to familiarize them with the film. After this general description you can then give your personal impression backed up by some details and comparisons. Describe what you felt when watching the film to capture the emotion of the readers.

  • Analyzing the film

Analyze the movie by providing the highlights of some of the things that you liked and the thing you may have found to be unimpressive. You can also describe the contribution of some aspects of the films that either improved to tone of the film or made it dull. Say something about the dressing, the lighting, the soundtrack and the themes addressed in the film. Describe the film from the perspective of the common viewer and the subtext involved in the creation and portrayal of certain scenes.

  • Conclusion

The main objective of a film review is to inform that reader on whether the film is worth watching or not. Provide the pros and cons of the movie at the end. However, ensure to add enough disclaimers and draw attention to certain interesting portions of the film.

Although a film review is quite informational, ensure that you have organized your paragraphs well and that they language that you have used is impeccable. Use a language that the audience can understand and relate with. Ensure that you get all the names and dates right.