Zara’s Operating Model – Case study

Task Description:

You are to read (Case Study 6), ‘Zara’s Operating Model’ on page 402 of the prescribed text Slack, N., Lewis, M. (2015). Operations Strategy (4th ed) Pearson, London. You are then to answer the following questions that relate to each section of the Case Study.

1. Retailing:

Describe the core competencies of Zara
Identify and describe the Operational Management issues associated with Zara in this case study.
Outline how Zara’s operations strategy contributes to their strategic success
2. Design:

Why do other firms take longer to go from design to delivery? How can they improve?
How can forecasting and planning methods to business operations be applied and improved to overcome these issues by other firms
What operations resource based decisions define Zara’s product development strategy?
3. Production /Sourcing:

What performance objectives would have influenced Zara’s ‘should we do or should we buy’ strategy?
Describe Zara’s capacity strategy
Outline Zara’s quality management strategy, were any trade-offs noticeable?
4. Distribution:

Why was speed an overriding concern for Zara logistics?
Describe how the operations resources of Zara be structured to meet its market requirements
What supply chain risk issues can you identify with Zara’s distribution strategy?
5. Zara online and the future

Evaluate business operations decision making, policies and strategies used by Zara and compare with other firms
What could influence Zara’s future process technology strategy? Consider the implementation of AI, Automation and Digitalisation

Assessment Requirements:

You are to answer the questions that are listed under each of the five headings of the case study. You are to answer the questions in 1 to 2 pages for EACH of the 5 headings. In total you will write ten pages (do not write less than 1 page per heading). Your answers should fully address each question and be supported by at least 2 suitable academic peer reviewed academic journal articles, per heading. You may have to do some additional research to fully answer the questions. Your assessment should contain at least 10 pages of written text.

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