Writer to choose based on provided PICO Question.

Description of the Assignment
For this assignment students are required to continue the development of their EBP project proposal by adding the new sections of:
• Research Table Critique with reference citation and permalink for each reference
• Theoretical Framework
• Change model.
Selected PICOT Question:
PICOT Question
PICO question: In healthcare providers, does instructional exercise program and wellness initiative as compared to non-instructional exercise program ensure healthy work environment?
P – Healthcare providers
I – Instructional exercise program
C – Non-instructional exercise program
O – Healthy work environment
Criteria for Content
1. Research Critique Table
• The PICOT question is presented after the title of the table
• Students will select four (4) research-based studies and complete the Research Critique Table following the format noted in the sample.
• All selected research-based articles must be consistent with the selected PICOT question.
• Complete citation of selected research study is required in the column labeled as Citation
• Permalink for each research article is required and located in the column labeled as Citation
• Reference list is required located Research Critique Table
• The required column headings are:
o Citation
o Purpose of the research
o Research design and sample
o Data collection methods
o Results
o Strengths and limitations (both must be identified for each research study)
2. Theoretical Framework
• Explain the theoretical framework that will be used in this project consistent the with PICOT submitted
• Describe how the theoretical framework is useful to the selected PICOT question
3. Change Model
• Explain the change model that will be used in this project
• Describe the steps within selected
• Describe how the change model is useful to the selected PICOT question

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