Write a single page briefing paper for senior management

Project Management

Assignment Mini Project

Choose one of the following Project Management tasks and think about how it will be managed for a project of your choice. You should assume a limited budget, limited timescale, a project manager, a project board and a nominated project team. You may make whatever assumptions you wish about clients, third party suppliers for deliverables and the size and focus of the project but you do not need to document these unless you think it will clarify the issues you are presenting. If you decide to document your assumptions please do so on a separate document with a heading that states clearly what it is.

Project Management task (choose 1)

1. Managing Scope

2. Managing Risk

3. Managing Resources (people, equipment, time)

As a group, plan, implement, monitor and deliver the following tasks as a mini project with allocated roles for different team members.

1. Write a single page briefing paper for senior management in the client company that describes, in terms of the full project management life cycle, what you understand about your chosen task. The purpose of this report is to help the senior team understand the reason that effective management of this aspect of project management (scope, risk, resources) is important, how it will be undertaken for their project, and the consequences of not doing it correctly.

Produce an A3 poster that identifies and evaluates three tools, techniques or activities that can help a project manager in undertaking this task. The tools you identify may offer alternative approaches to the same part of the task or tackle different aspects of the task. No need to submit this to Turnitin.

Produce a 5 minute powerpoint presentation with audio track that analyses the stakeholders a project manager should consider in carrying out this task and suggest suitable methods of communication and interaction with these stakeholders.

Produce a 2 page training pack for one tool/technique or activity that would contribute to the successful completion of this task. Include text, diagrams, graphics, links to further information, quizzes etc.

Provide a forum, wiki, blog or other electronic medium that starts on 11/11/14 and documents the project management decisions taken, the planned activities, role allocations, progress updates, internal quality reviews and lessons learned, i.e. provides a record of your project management of the task and your team deliberations.

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