Write a response to violations of rule and procedures

Directions:Discussion Board Forums are an essential part of this course and must be written in a professional and respectful manner that reflects graduate-level writing and mechanics. Each Discussion Board Forum requires 1 thread. Each thread must be a minimum of 400 words and include at least 2 current scholarly sources/in-text citations and Scriptures that relate to the Discussion Board Forum topic. Finally, all discussion board posts must include an APA-formatted reference list.

Topic: Responding to Violations of Rule and Procedures

Prompt: As we learned previously, Dreikurs identified 4 common goals of misbehavior (attention, power, revenge, and avoidance of failure).He theorized that students engage in misbehavior to manipulate their environment or situation and in order to obtain one of these four goals. For each of the misbehavior domains, identify and discuss 1 positive research-based strategy teachers can employ that will assist them in responding to violations of classroom rules and procedures. (You should list 1 research-based strategy per misbehavior goal).

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