Write a report on diversity women and leadership

Write a report on this topic “DIVERSITY WOMEN AND LEADERSHIP”. Please, you just need use simple language with very simple and easy language to write this report on topic.

1. Introduction (Purpose/Problem/Issue)

2. Aim (Research Question)

3. Literature Review

4. Research Sample (what kind of data either primary or secondary and how many)

5. Discussion
5.1 Background Issues and Answer to above mentioned question
5.2 Theories explored
5.3 Evidence found

6. Data Collection (How data were collected from interview or questionnaires, type of question i.e. open-ended , closed etc., confidentiality of data)

7. Data Analysis (Qualitative data or Quantitative data)

8. Recommendation (How your findings be applied, what could be done to improve things)

9. Conclusion (Purpose, methods used, findings, application of finding, suggested are of future research)

10. References

11. Appendix (Any additional material that are needed to support the report content).

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