Vale based model

Type of Assignment: Coursework

Number of pages: 2

Language Style: US

Subject: Health Care and Medicine

Paper Format: APA

Line spacing: Double

Number of Sources: 4


Part I(250 words Minimum): Value Based Model

Support the value-based model throughout this discussion; Examine how this reimbursement model has positively influenced the overall health care system.

Identify how this reimbursement model evolved as a solid and crucial part of the health care system.

Determine how this reimbursement model has positively influenced cost, quality and access of care.

Part II(250 words minimum): Health Care roles

Choose two professions in health care from Chapter 4. Do not select a physician ornurse. Research your chosen two careers further and tell a day-in-the-life story for both professionals. Within your story, identify two critical issues that this individual would face on their job.

Chap 4 Link:

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