The Rise of Advertising

The Rise of Advertising

America and the Industrial Revolution
Explain how advertising and sales practices fed consumer demand during the late 1800s, and describe the specific tactics used. Feel free to choose as specific an example as you like to highlight your explanation.

This is a question from a discussion Post. Need about 7-8 sentences single space with a reference
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xxxxxxxx xxxx
Date of xxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx’s Name
xxx Rise of Advertising
The xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx sales xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx States xx xxxxxxx accelerated the xxxxxxxx demand during xxxx as the xxxxxxx xxx businesses xxxx allowed to xxxxxxxx the goods in various regions (McDonough 45). Some xx the xxxxxxxxxx that xxxx xxxxxxx include xxx use xx newspapers, billboards, and placards. The owners xx stores xxxxx xxx expansion xxxx xxxxx they xxxxxx branches xx different locations and thus increased the xxxxx xxx profit xxxxxxx for xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx the time xxxx xxxxxxxxx as xxx xxxxxxxxx target xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx were xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx Furthermore, xxx rising rate xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx rate offered a market for xxxxxx xxxxx industrialization xxx xxxxxx xxxxx at x rapid rate, the xxxxxxxxxxxx therefore, xxx xx establish a market xxx their products.
Works xxxxx
McDonough, xxxxx xxx Advertising Age xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Publishers, xxxxx

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