The Norton Anthropology World Literature

Write an expository essay that responds to one of the prompts below. You need to have an introductory section, at least two main body sections, and a conclusion. Use the MLA guidelines.

1. Consider Nestor’s speech in Book I of The Iliad (vv. 271-299). What does it reveal about the warriors’ and leaders’ expected conduct in Ancient Greek society? Find and analyze in the excerpts we read some examples of Agamemnon and Achilles conforming to and falling short of this expected conduct. You might find many similarities as well as differences between Agamemnon and Achilles. Discuss them in light of their expected conduct.

2. Odysseus, the hero of The Odyssey, and Hector, the Trojan prince from The Iliad generally attract the readers’ sympathies. What do you think makes Odysseus and Hector likable characters? What are their virtues and flaws? Do they have common values and attitudes? Should you find that these two Homeric characters do not attract your sympathies, analyze and explain why.

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