Terms and Conditions


These are the Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs/“Conditions”) that Quality Custom Writings recognize and require all clients to adhere to. Please read carefully because they are legally binding once you have signed up with us.


1. Introduction


The agreement refers to these terms and conditions.


  • “We”, “Us” or “The Company” refers to Quality Custom Writings” this entity which provides the writing services stipulated in the website.
  • The “Client/Customer/you/your” refers to the individual seeking the company’s writing services and by signing up, therefore, accepts therewith all the T&Cs provided herein.
  • “Writing service/ Our Services” refer to the range of writing services offered by the company.
  • An “Order” refers to the request placed by the client on the company’s system describing the nature of writing service, the amount of time and payment owed to the company.
  • “Order progress” refers to the status of the order placed by the client.
  • “Paper” refers to the complete order as done by the writer.
  • “Writer” refers to the individual assigned to handle the order given by the client.
  • “Revision/amendment” stipulates the edited or changed version of the paper upon request by the client.
  • “Support/Customer staff” is part of the company’s staff that acts as the link between the client and the company and addresses all the employee’s questions.
  • “Systems/ customer care system” are the features (hardware/software) that facilitate the communication between the company and clients.
  • “Confirmation” is process of verification of the clients’ billing identity to mitigate fraud and misinformation.
  • “Payment” refers to the amount of money the client pays through the various available methods to the company upon placing an order.



  1. Eligibility


In order to register in our system, client must provide all the information to the effect that:


  1. All information is accurate and truthful
  2. Should be above 18 years old/ legal capacity to enter legally binding agreement
  3. Usage of the service should not violate any legal requirements i.e. university/college rules and regulations


NB: If you are not eligible for our services we will delete your account and withdraw our services without warning.


  1. Our Services


Upon meeting all the term and condition as enumerated in this website, the client will have the right to access and use all the services in this website. These services include:


  • Dissertations
  • Thesis
  • Custom essays
  • Admission essays
  • Personal statements
  • Curriculum vitae/resume services
  • Term papers
  • Research papers
  • Case studies
  • Coursework
  • Valuation reports
  • Programming
  • Editing services
  • Formatting
  • Newspapers
  • Reports
  • Blog writing
  • Articles
  • Assignments
  • Proposals
  • Homework
  • Online classes
  • Corporate brochures
  • News writing
  • Proofreading


The papers will written by our writers will be are strictly intended for personal use. Additional services may include paraphrasing, rewriting and formatting existing papers for clients. However, if more that 40% of the material is plagiarized, then it will be counted as a fresh order and therefore, normal charges will apply.


All clients should place an order on the website and make the necessary payment before a writer can work on their orders. Quality Custom Writing reserves the rights to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.


  1. Place an order


The client will be required to accurately complete the order form and submit. As such the client is responsible for the any consequences of misunderstanding if the instructions are not clear. The client is also liable for the provision of inaccurate and/or false and/or unreliable information. In case of incomplete or incoherent instructions the order will not be worked on or delayed account of the clients.


The outcome of the paper will be commensurate with the instructions provided by the client. Once the order has been submitted and confirmed the client will not change the instructions; otherwise this will attract additional charges as it will be considered as a new order.


  1. Format of Paper


Our standard format of the paper will be as follows:


  • 12 point Times New Roman font

  • Double spaced

  • 275 words per page

  • A separate reference/cover page where applicable

  • One-inch margin on all sides

  • Reference and cover page will not be included in the payment


However, our clients reserve the right to provide preferred format and our writers will follow it to the letter. If the client does not upload the specific materials to be used in their paper, the company reserves the right to use the relevant materials as sources in the paper. In case the client makes a request for single-space paper, they will double the payment because of the reduced number of pages.


  1. Payment


Payments are due once our system confirms and will be receipted. Payments are all exclusive of taxes, levies and duties and the client shall be responsible for such payments. Therefore, by accepting these T&Cs the client undertakes to pay such taxes and duties applicable to the use of this service.


All inconveniences that may occur due to credit card rejection will be considered as a breach of these T&Cs and services will be terminated with immediate effect. Using stolen credit card for payment will be considered a fraud and legal offense. We cooperate with payment providers in fighting any cases of online fraud. The company will therefore report any issues of online fraud to the appropriate authorities.


By initiating a refund, the client agrees release all the rights that they have to the paper. The company will conduct an inquiry to determine whether the paper has been used elsewhere. This may mean contacting your school administration which may compromise the client privacy policy. The company reserves the rights to change the payment at any given time at its discretion. These changes will be posted online and will become effective immediately.


  1. Discount policy


To give our clients the best value for quality paper and reward them for choosing us, we have a discount policy for our clients. However, these discounts are at the sole discretion of the company. The discount offers will be published on the website and provide more details.


  1. Refund/Money back policy


Our refund policy is outlined in the Money-back guarantee policy HERE. However, before any payment is made the company shall undertake to do the following:


  1. The company will review all requests on case basis to determine if the money can be returned
  2. The money to be refunded will be determined according to the level of mistakes in the paper are determined by our quality assurance team
  3. The client will used the support staff lines to follow up on the progress of this refund
  4. The company will compensate the client in case of any breach of contract on the side of the company, either inform of a refund or a discount
  5. However, late deliveries are not subject to refunds
  6. Any requests that do not come through the above mentioned methods will not be subject to any refund


  1. Revision policy


All revisions request must be made within the refund period which is 14-days for papers below 20 pages and 21-days for papers above 20 pages. The “Revision Period” begins from the day the complete paper is submitted. When the revision period lapses Quality Custom Writings will not accept any revision complaints.


The company may vary the revision period since complex orders may require more revision time, however, the company shall at its own discretion determine the sufficiency of the period. If revision request is not made within the revision period then the company will assume that the client is satisfied with the paper and need no further amendments. However, immediate revision requests will be done free of charge and as many revision requests as possible are allowed until the paper meets your requirements.


Nevertheless, all revisions should be based on the initial instructions given by the client. Therefore, revision based on new instructions will attract additional payment since it will be interpreted as a new order. All revisions requested after the revision period has lapsed will be taken as new orders.


10. Verification


For the purpose of confirmation, the client will allow the company to make necessary inquiries directly and through other third parties for the purpose of verification of financial and personal information. It is also for security purposes to ensure that the client acknowledges that they are paying for the writing services in our company.


We carry out double verification by confirming the client is aware the money is being deducted from their account for the payment of our services. Therefore, clients must ensure that this process is a fast as possible to ensure that they have given the accurate information. Double verification requires the accurate credit and the right cellphone number linked to the credit card.


Alternatively, the clients are encouraged to pay through PayPal if they do not like submitting their documents for security purposes. PayPal has a single verification which comes through cellphone call only.


11. Limitation of Liability


Quality Custom Writings will not liable to the clients in the contents of, or use of or otherwise in connection with this website:


  1. For failure to understand what have been covered in the completed paper
  2. For the client’s final grade
  3. For the consequences of the submission of the paper to any learning institution
  4. Any liability that may arise in connection with the client’s used of the services in this website. These are inclusive of damage to personal computers, computer software malfunction, systems and programs, data and any other direct or indirect, consequential or incidental malfunctions.


12. Quality Custom Writings copyright


All papers provided to the client remain the property of Quality Custom Writings and is subject to copyright under local and international law. Therefore, all papers should only be for personal use and should not be reproduced, copied, distributed, transmitted, sold, licensed or used for any commercial or other purposes without the express permission from Quality Custom Writings. Therefore, by agreeing to these T&Cs the client agrees not to use copy and/or distribute the papers except with express permission from the company.


13. Notification of Changes


Quality Custom Writings reserves the permission to change these Terms and Conditions whenever they deem it necessary during the client usage of the website without prior notice. As such continued use of the website will imply that the client has accepted to follow all the terms and conditions contained herein along with any deletions, improvements and alterations at any particular point in time. Clients should therefore revisit these terms and conditions frequently.




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