Supply Chain and Logistics Management


Supply Chain and Logistics Management

SAP-SCM Assignment

Sem2 2017





Client Number: 925

ID Number :s-190

Password: 211087211087


when you are logging to SCM73 you don’t need to Fill the client number. leave as it is.




Due                :Wed13 Sept(Wk 8)

Weight: 30% (individual assignment)


Students need to illustrate their knowledge of SAP-SCM module gained in series of hands-on workshops using the Global Bike Company (GBC). This is an individual assignment requiringeach student to submit the written assignment for assessment. Failing to do so will fail in the unit.


You can complete the assignment as you progress in your tutorial exercises. It involves capturing selected screen shots while working on the exercises. I would suggest to going through the questions below and copying the required screen shots to your assignment Doc file as you progress. Alternatively, you can complete the whole workshop and then work on your assignment.

Importantly, students need to illustrate that they have a full understanding of the SCM module, and the way it relates to theories discussed in the lecture.

Written Report and Submission:

Each student isrequired to present an individual written assignment, with each question being clearly labeled. Make sure that it is written in your own words and Harvard referencing is used as appropriate. The header sheet for this assignment includes:

  • Your name
  • Your student VU ID
  • Your unique SAP-APO Log in ID: SCM-xxx


Submission requirement:

Submit one hardcopy to your tutor, and electronic copy to VU collaborate (no turnitin requirement). Your ID will be locked soon after you hand in the assignment not allowing you to work further during the assessment. It will be released once the marking is complete.


IMPORTANT: Each question requiresspecific screenshot. No mark will be given for any irrelevant screenshots.


1.          Create a forecast [5 marks] – refer Tut 1(All screen shots should have a brief explanation)

  • What is demand planning? Why is it an initialimportant step in any supply chain planning? [1 mark]
  • Howdid you create the demand for finished bike FG-10 and ridge frontbike FG-11 in SAP-ER2 system? Explain the demand forecast process using ER2 and SCM7. Attach screenshots.                         [1 mark]
  • Providescreen shots of planned independent requirement (PIR) for your finished products FG-10 and FG-11inUSA plant(XXX1) using SCM7. Compare it with the initial input values of demand information.[2 marks]

Note: No more than 1 screenshot for each product be submitted. Screenshot must be readable and complete up to showall data.

  • Provide BOM (Bill of material) diagram for FG-10 and FG-11 using the following information in ER2? Explain how these two BOMs are different from each other.

T.code to be used in ER2: CS11, material: FG-10-XXX,plant:XXX1, Alternative BOM:1, BOM application: PP01.                             [1mark]

2.          Supply Chain Model& means of transportation [5 marks] – refer Tut 2(All screen shots should have a brief explanation)

NOTE:  Screenshots must be readable and complete up to this level only.

2.1       Provide a screen shot displaying all of the supply chain location objects clearly displayingplant, distribution centers (DC), customers, vendors and transportation zones. Briefly explain what role each one has in a supply chain.                                                                                                      [1 mark]

2.2       How many vendorsand customers are located in USA? Provide the names and where they are located? Who is the immediate partner of a vendor in a supply chain?                                                                         [1.5 mark]

2.3       Producea screen shot of ‘assignment of means of transportation’between a plant and twocustomersfor finished goods FG-10 ONLY.  [1 mark]

2.4       What means of transportation (i.e. either truck or ship), duration (hours) and distance (Km) are used in above 2.3? Suggest other suitable means of transportation that could be used for the above (i.e. 2.3) transportation. Give your reasons.                                                                    [1.5 mark]

3.          Supply Chain Model [5 marks] – refer Tut 3(All screen shots should have a brief explanation)

NOTE:  Screenshots must be readable and complete up to this level only.

3.1       Using the supply chain engineer (SCE)produce the screen shot(s) of the supply chain network diagram among the objects. The network diagram should display all the objectsand transportation lanes with clear labeling.                                                                                                              [2 mark]

3.2       What“resources”are used in the USA plant? Expand and explain the use of all the production resources.                                                         [1 mark]

3.3       Double click on a lane between the plant and a customer in the SCE diagram. Display and explain the screen shot clearly.                [1 mark]

3.4       Repeat the above procedure in 3.3for a lane between a vendor and plant.                                                                                                             [1 mark]


4.          Inbound quota for external supply of materials-[5 marks]- refer Tut 4& 5 (All screen shots should have a brief explanation)

NOTE:  Screenshots must be readable and complete up to this level only.

4.1       Attach screen shotfor‘total inbound quota arrangement’displaying all raw materials to be supplied by vendors to the plant. Show clearly the vendor location and their quota allocation.                                          [1.5 marks]

4.2       How do you get the same screen shots of ‘total inbound quota arrangement’ through supply chain engineer model?                                         [1 mark]

4.3       Using the SCE model display the means of transport from the menu option.                                                                                                          [1 mark]

4.4       Using where-used list, attach the screen shot showing the means of transport XXXUSA, its start and destination location.                   [1.5 marks]


5.          SNP Heuristic run at plant and DC level[5 marks]- refer Tut 6&7(All screen shots should have a brief explanation)

NOTE:  Screenshots must be readable and complete up to this level only.

5.1       Using planning book, produce a screen shot of the monthly forecast values for finished products FG-10and FG-11 together.                    [1 mark]

5.2       Run the location heuristic for FG-10at plant location (XXX1), produce screen shot(s) of the planning book showing row values for production (planned) and ATD receipts.How these two figures are related? [1 mark]

5.3       Run the multilevel heuristic together for finished products (i.e. FG-10, FG-11). Provide the screenshot showing demand and receipts rows. [1 mark]

5.4       With multilevel heuristics in 5.3,switch to semi-finished product SF-0040, then produce screen shot of the planning book displaying the rows for production (planned) and dependent demand.                                    [1 mark]

5.5       With multilevel heuristics in 5.3,switch to raw material RM-0130, produce screen shot of the planning book showing Distribution Receipt (planned) and Purchasing Requisition orders.                                                 [1 mark]


6.          SNP planning and Capacity check [5 marks]- Refer Tut 7& 8(All screen shots should have a brief explanation)

6.1       Explain with the help of SNP planning book screen shots(e.g FG-11) the effect of various time buckets (e.g. 9AMONTHS and 180 DAYS)on production lead-time.                                                     [2.5 marks]

6.2       Produce screen shots of DS Planning Board in monthly and weekly view and explain the board with respect to a finished product FG-10.

[2.5 marks]




—–Good Luck—–

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