Sociology 101- Introduction to Sociology

Sociology 101- Introduction to Sociology

For this assignment, you will have three options from which to choose:
Choice 1:
Sociologists attempt to understand why members of a society engage in deviant and criminal behavior. From a macro perspective, deviance occurs when the means to achieve culturally defined goals are blocked. This may be due in part to structural inequalities and power imbalances. On the micro level, there are three theories that provide explanations for deviance and crime.
Consider how socialization influences individuals to choose deviant and criminal behavior. Becker, Sutherland and Hirschi have three different theories about how socialization contributes to such behavior. Becker’s theory is called labeling theory, Sutherland’s is called differential association theory, and Hirschi’s is known as control theory. Each provides a unique explanation to help us understand deviance and crime in our everyday lives.
Write an essay that highlights your understanding of deviance and crime. In your response be sure to define deviance and crime and explain the three micro level theories of Becker, Sutherland and Hirschi.
Choice 2:
Social change occurs when the social order is significantly altered over time, such as profound changes in cultural norms and values, and behavioral patterns. We all experience social changes over our lifetimes due to macro level causes.
Think about the cultural norms that have changed from the 1960s to today. Write an essay that identifies the macro causes of social change. Specifically include examples of how war and technology may have contributed to these shifts in cultural norms.

Choice 3:
The rate of marriage in the US is at an all-time low and is continuing to plummet. In 1960, only 9% of all Americans aged 25 or older have never been married. Today, that 9% is now 20% and it is projected to continually grow larger.
Think about how societal issues impact the choices of individuals. C. Wright Mills introduced the idea of sociological imagination to explain how sociology can be applied to our everyday experience. Consider how he defines this concept and the importance of being able to make sense of the decline in marriage rates in the US.
How can you apply the concept of the sociological imagination, as described by C. Wright Mills, to the issue of declining marriage rates in the United States? Using C. Wright Mills’ terms, write an essay that clearly defines the sociological imagination and provide examples of how it can be applied to understanding the issue of decreasing marriage rates in the US. Be sure to include how changing sexual, work and familial norms play a role in the decline of marriage rates.

Whichever option you choose, you must write a 3-4 page paper according to the directions for your chosen option. Please cite your textbook in your paper, since you will be using it for your information. You do not need to cite additional sources, but are welcome to if you wish. Remember, anything that you pull information from must be cited. These papers should be double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font.

I am requiring this paper to be written in ASA format. A sure way of losing points is incorrect citations, so please use the link below for the correct ASA formatting of citations. I will also deduct points for spelling and grammar errors, so please check your work!

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