Sexism or gender bias in the workplace is an ongoing issue around the world and in Australia

Propose a piece of quantitative research that tests a hypotheses related to sexism or gender bias in the workplace. The proposal can be for an experiment or evaluation of an intervention but MUST be quantitative.
There has to be at least one DV that can be statistically analysed. Both correlational and experimental designs are acceptable. Methodological rigour will be taken into account in marking.
– In a 5 (five) page (APA formatted, adhere to APA 6th edition) proposal, you should present your study to the reader. Address the following questions:
-What is the research question?
– Why is this an important area of research?
– What previous literature and which theoretical assumptions underlie the question?
– How will test the hypothesis/hypotheses?
– Which results would you expect to emerge?
– what are potential limitations of proposed study?

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