Self Assessment

  1. Take the tests and the assessment instruments in all steps, record your scores on the score sheet, and think about what it all says about your ability to manage/lead right now. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

    2.. Write a short paper doing three things: 1) Analyze your management strengths/weaknesses, 2) Lay out a plan using the template provided as an outline justifying which sections you will complete in Assignment 7. Write an action plan for dealing with your weaknesses using the examples provided (left menu) as a guide and the action plan template. (all examples provided were from a previous semester with different assignments, so don’t think they can be followed exactly. Use them as examples of discussion of weaknesses and for an action plan).

    3. Provide the completed score sheet and paper/action plan using the templates provided as an outline and upload one file to the Assignment Tool.

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