Research paper



Research Paper

The purpose of this paper is

  • to assess an organization that has undergone recent changes that have impacted a local community = Use organization in article: Organization Communication To Achieve Change (attached)   see
  • determine whether these changes positively or negatively impacted the community.
    1. Include the following in your paper:


  • Explained how the identified change was communicated to the community.
  • Critiqued the communication techniques used by organizational leaders, including how the techniques had an impact on the organization and community.
  • Provided specific examples as to how these changes impacted the community and explanations as to why each community was impacted by change.
  • Analyzed the benefits of and/or consequences from the change.
  • Provided recommendations for sustaining the change in the future and/or improving future changes for both the organization and the community (including examples and supported with leadership theory and outside research).

Total pages 8, – Total references7  (3 articles attached please use)


Use these Research Paper Headings

  • Description of Organization that Underwent Change
    • Explain if change was positive or negative on Community
  • Organizational Communication to Local Community
    • How was change communicated
  • Critique of Organization Communication Techniques
    • Include description of impact of communication on the community
    • Provide at least 2 examples of how changes impacted community
    • Why was community impacted
    • Benefit and Consequences from Change
  • Recommendation for Sustaining Change and Future Changes
    • 2 examples supported by leadership theory and outside research



Bazeley, J. W., Waller, J., &Resnis, E. (2014). Engaging Faculty in Scholarly Communication Change: A Learning Community Approach. Journal Of Librarianship & Scholarly Communication, 2(3), 1-13. doi:10.7710/2162-3309.1129


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