Research emotional intelligence

Research “Emotional Intelligence” on the web- you may want to type in the name Daniel Goleman (he is an “EQ” guru) in the search engine for more valuable reading sources. Next, study the five functions of management (Planning-Organizing-Staffing-Leading-Controlling) closely

For the discussion posting, in your own words, let the class know what you found the most intriguing about Emotional Intelligence as it relates to supervision. Cite the source(s) used in your review of the “EQ” topic.

And then provide an example where you, as a supervisor, could use your emotional intelligence skills along with at least one of the other major managerial skills listed to meet a supervisory challenge. Briefly describe the challenge and identify which Management Function the challenge specifically relates to- and how the two Management Skills help.

Remember, using separate paragraphs will improve the readability factor of your posting, and proofreading projects professionalism and is an important business skill to put into practice. Thank you very much.

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