Real Estate Law – Bundle of Rights (Hyper Capital Case)

TASK we will assume the role of a development associate who has been asked to complete several tasks. For this, you will evaluate the bundle of rights based upon a preliminary due diligence checklist and a survey. reviewing the illustrations ATTACHED you should now be better acquainted with the characters in the case and be ready to begin your role as a development associate. After your introductions from Phil Knox and Lyla Gage, you return to your office and notice that you have received an email from Lyla. (ATTACHED) PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTION HERE At this time, please review the survey and the development checklist form that I provided. (Note to Student: These area also posted to the Project Documents area in Blackboard for Week 1.) Based upon the survey and the development checklist, please evaluate the bundle of rights associated with the Calvert Cliffs property – get a good idea of all the many parties involved and what rights they might have in the project. After evaluating the bundle of rights, please provide a detailed response with the following:
1. Identify three (3) rights to the property; and
2. Identify who “enjoys” or benefits from each of those three (3) rights to the property.

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