Prepare a brief overview of social media in general

Thorough out this course we have looked at ethics and how it relates to the legal environment of business. Our final graded paper looks at social media and use restrictions in the sports business industry.

The New York Yankees ban fans from bringing video cameras and laptop computers into Yankee Stadium. The Washington Redskins have banned writers from tweeting or blogging while watching practices. The National Football League bans players and coaches from using social media such as tweeting for 90 minutes before, during, or some a time after a game.

Sports broadcaster ESPN temporarily suspended popular “Sports Guy” columnist Bill Simmons for criticizing an ESPN radio station partner on Twitter. ESPN earlier had issued a policy prohibiting reporters and writers from discussing sports on social-networking sites.

The NCAA tries to keep coaches and schools from using social media outlets in recruiting. While they can advertise their programs online, they’re prohibited from using a site “for direct person-to-person contact with an individual potential student-athlete.” However, signing on as a “friend” doesn’t count as direct contact, the NCAA says. (Indiscrete Facebook entries by partying athlete recruits has led to legal investigations.)

For the paper, prepare a brief overview of Social Media in general (no more than 2 pages) and Sports Businesses putting restrictions on its use (you can pick one specific restriction as in the above paragraph or a general discussion of the restrictions by one business, such as the NCAA’s policy on Social Media). Beware of trying to discuss the issues too broadly. The focus should be a corporate ethics point of view. Finally, discuss in 1 page of less how you view the ethics of Social Media restrictions will evolve in the future.

Post at least a 2000 word discussion of this issue. Use APA citation style for your research citations. Support your paper with at least 10 Internet citations in APA style.

While you can use Wikipedia as a place to start, please do not use Wikipedia as a reference citation in the paper. Also, the textbook and any online dictionary or encyclopedia are not to be used as reference citations in the paper.

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