PowerPoint Presentation

Assessment 1b  Power point and notes on critical incident


  • Presentation and notes pages on critical incident from assessment 1a to address the issue in future management of chronic disease addressing learning outcome 5
  • Plan of assessment and guidance.



  • 15 slides and notes pages (maximum)


  • For this assessment, you are required to make a power point presentation which provides the ‘story’ and outcomes from the critical incident you have described.



  • Emphasis for this part of the assessment is on future management of the identified issue. You may consider, for example, that additional staff training is required, or an update on a policy.



  • Rather than presenting, you hand in your presentation. An explanation of each slide (so what you would have said to the audience if undertaking a formal presentation) will be written on the notes page and marked




learning outcome 5


critically analyse the importance of communication, referral and care coordination in the management of chronic disease in relation to patients, families, colleagues, and other health-care professionals within a multidisciplinary team,


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