Post Completion Auditing in Capital Budgeting Decisions

4-1 Discussion: Post Completion Auditing in Capital Budgeting Decisions   

Use the Shapiro Library databaseto locate a scholarly article on postcompletion auditing processes. Concentrate on articles describing different industries, different countries, or different companies and how they use or adoptPCA when making capital budgeting decisions.

**Please use the uploaded article as this is from the Shapiro Library databasetitled “The Interaction of Accountability and Post Completion Audits on Capital Budgeting Decisions”


In your initial post, you can address the following guiding questions:

  • What article did you select, and why did you select it?
  • How does the article describe and analyze PCAs?
  • Why do companies use PCAs?
  • How do PCAs impact the company’s future capital budgeting decisions?
  • What are other important points related to capital budgeting that you might cite from the article?
  • Was your article structured around a foreign market? What are the differences/parallels to American PCAs?
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