Policing and the Community

Write a 2000 word essay that compares and contrasts TWO policing styles. Some examples are:
– Community based policing
– Reactive policing
– Problem oriented policing
– Hot-spot policing
– Zero-tolerance policing

The essay should:

• Briefly describe both policing styles
• Describe in detail the ideas/theories that inform these policing styles
• Identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two policing styles
• Discuss the possible impact of the two policing styles on rates of crime and the reporting of crime
• Critically discuss the possible impact of the two policing styles on the relationship between the community and the police
• Provide examples, where possible, that highlight your analysis

The paper should be in essay format and should include a minimum of 10 academic references. Referencing is extremely important to this marker!

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