*MYOB practice set assignment (worth 30%)
*purchased online from Perdisco
In addition to learning how to record and report business transactions in a manual system, students will gain experience with a computerised accounting package. This is a very useful skill to have and one that can provide considerable benefits when you seek employment in accounting or you decide to start your own business.
The online assessment practice set requires you to use MYOB software to complete the transactions and produce reports for a one month accounting cycle for a business. There are two resources required: (1) a subscription to the online assessment practice set; and (2) access to MYOB software. The SCU computers on all campuses have the MYOB software. On campus students only need to purchase the practice set. Distance Education/Online students (who don’t have access to MYOB software) are able to purchase a downloadable student version of MYOB for installation on a PC (not compatible with Mac). The online assessment practice set provides instructions, asks you questions about the tasks you have performed in MYOB and provides immediate feedback. Marks are allocated for each part.
There are two purchase options available to all students:
(1) The practice set with access to the MYOB Learning Centre at a cost of $24.95 is recommended for on-campus students as all campus computers have MYOB installed on them. Note this option also includes an the option to purchase MYOB software for an additional $19.95, however if you wish to also purchase the MYOB software to have on your own computer, your suggested option is follow (2) below, otherwise on the Perdisco site select the following option when you register:

ACC00151, SCU, 2017, Semester 2 (On campus)

(2) The practice set and MYOB Software (Bundle) with access to the MYOB Learning Centre at a cost of $34.85 is recommended for Distant Education/Online students unless you have access to MYOB version 19 software at work or home, or access to an SCU campus. If this applies to you can select (1) above, otherwise on the PErdisco site select the following option when you register:

The online assessment practice set will provide each student with a unique accounting scenario and therefore must be completed on an individual basis. Please note that it is a large activity, taking up to 20 study hours to complete over many days or weeks.
The online MYOB assessment practice set is conducted as follows:
• Students generally complete one attempt of the assessment but you do have two attempts at assessment practice Set. The second attempt can only be made after you have completed the first practice set attempt. On the second attempt, you will receive a set of numeric values and details that is different to those that were in your first practice set attempt. Your highest mark will apply.
• Submission is to be completed online, however it is possible to print each page of the online practice set to work on it offline. Once each stage has been submitted, you will be provided with immediate feedback on your performance.
The online MYOB assessment practice set is available for purchase from within your own Perdisco account which must first be created as follows:
1. Create your account at
2. Once registered, click ‘Add a product’. You will first be required to enter a product key to successfully add the resource into your account (see screenshot below). The product key is ACC00151 (note case sensitive).
3. Select your course from the available options (as per (1) or (2))
4. Click on ‘How do I pay?’ for the payment options available.
5. Payment can be made by online credit card or PayPal. Payment instructions are provided after registration.

Please be aware that to complete this practice set, you will also need access to MYOB software so carefully consider what option (1 or 2) you will require.
If you are purchased option 2 (practice set and MYOB bundle), you will receive an immediate email that explains how to download and install the software. Please note that MYOB has designed its software to run only on Windows operating systems. You have 48 hours in which to download MYOB and install it on your computer. If you miss the 48-hour deadline, don’t panic, email Perdisco when you are ready to install the program and they will re-set the link for you.
As you work through the practice set, you will also notice that you have links to the “MYOB Learning Centre”. This online resource provides you with support on using MYOB and so you are strongly encouraged to refer to it as you complete your practice set. A series of short guides is also available on MySCU which focus on common errors.
Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!
In the interest of student access and equity, virtual ‘library copies’ of the practice set are provided through an Electronic Special Reserve (ESR) service on the Perdisco website. Like library books, they are limited by available hours and the number of simultaneous users. To access ESR, please create your Perdisco account and add the practice set, then click the ESR login link. You can also read more information about ESR by clicking the ESR info link. A tip for using ESR is to avoid leaving your work until the last minute when demand for ESR copies of the practice set is likely to be high. See Access and Equity: Electronic Special Reserve on this unit’s MySCU site in the assessment/Perdisco MYOB assignment heading.

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