Organizational Behavior

Assignment Brief and purpose: with new technology and globalisation pushing to ever-increasing convergence of management styles, national culture will cease to be of importance’. You are leading a team from British company. Do you feel that your team wich is about to start a “joint venture” project with teams from China and Germany. Do you feel that your team would benefit from any cross-cultural training &development and what issues might you focus on? **(Make use of Hofstede’s data to identify some potential areas of confusion and advise your team on possible areas of behavioural modification). ‘this essay is a vehicle for you to explore any of the organizational theory that we have discussed in lectures and seminars. you should demonstrate your comprehension of these ideas even though the essay focuses on cross-cultural management.
The starting point here is to evalute the differences between the cultures of the United Kingdom, China and Germany in order to assess how close they are – the greater the gaps, the greater is the significance of adjusting for national culture when communicating or negotiating. We can apply Hofstede’s criteria but an immediate problem is that China is not on the original list; so it is suggested that the data for Hong Kong is used instead. Note also that it is best to use the index figure rather than the ranking figure.
The Chinese dimension can be extended by looking at the work of Hall where China can clearly be seen to be a high-context culture (in comparison to the low-context cultures of Germany and the United Kingdom) and also by looking at issues such as “relationship” and “network”. In this situation, there would clearly br areas of potential confusion that could be identified and it could be used in a group basis, with some examining the United Kingdom – German differences, another the United Kingdom-Chinese differences and a third, the Chinese-German differences.

To summarise, you are required to write an essay using a variety of theoretical perspectives and supported by examples from your own experience as well as from your reading of academic work and from contemporary organisations. This will require you to use the lecture material, books and articles, contemporary news courses and your own experience. The emphasis is on writing a persuasive essay which builds a case for a particular point of view and which is drawn together in the conculsion. Your account should be analytical and critically informed, and not simply a description of an organisation. You must use the Havard referencing system and reference all authors and dates referred to in the text.

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