Opioid Epidemic and How Nurses can make a positive impact

The paper should include a theoretical framework and provide recommendations for change based upon evidence gathered in the literature review. The paper should include:
• Introduction of topic: a clear paper purpose in the opening paragraphs
• Literature Review/Research
o The literature review should help you narrow and focus on the topic.
o Select a variety of resources: scientific studies, data for organizations relevant to the topic, opinion papers from highly regarded sources etc.
o Make a table of key literature
• Change implications: the potential impacts-likely consequences; conclusions that can be drawn for the research your reviewed/analyzed.
o Synthesize the literature: this means that you are looking across the studies to say what the body of literature is reporting
• New understanding: Understanding, by definition means “thinking” about a subject.
o This means that you are able to describe a model or set of rules that explains the subject matter by compressing a large amount of information.
o New means just that. Ask yourself how the subject matter you reviewed changed or has remained constant over time. What have you learned that is considered “new” to the field or a new application to healthcare from the subject researched?
• Best practice recommendations: Your recommendations should be the best practice strategies/evience-based practices (EBP) to accomplish the purpose of your paper; summarizing the recommendations.
• Conclusion

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