Guidelines for Discussion Board:
After reading the first four chapters from the Barry, Gordon & King text book, select another chapter to read about a nursing situation before you begin developing your own nursing situation. A nursing situation is the shared lived experience in which the caring between the nurse and the one nursed nurtures wholeness and well-being. Reflect on your own nursing situation from practice in which the caring between you and the one nursed nurtured wholeness and well-being. Post that nursing situation here. Identify the caring concepts you feel guided your nursing from Roach’s 6 C’s or Mayeroff’s 8 Caring Ingredients. Describe the ways of knowing that guided your nursing, The text book have good descriptions of the various ways of knowing.
This is a required post, which provides the foundation for your FINAL NURSING SITUATION SYNTHESIS PAPER

(Nursing situation related to pediatric nursing)
(Reference either Roach or Mayeroff’s book)
(Use at least one reference for discussion)
(APA for references)

The textbooks we are using are listed below:

Nursing case studies in caring: Across the practice spectrum. Author: Barry, C. D., Gordon, S. C. & King, B. M. Paperback: 224 pages Publisher: Springer Publishing Company; 1 edition (June 4, 2015) ISBN-10: 0826171788 ISBN-13: 978-0826171788

(Mayeroff book)
Mayeroff, M. (1971). On caring. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers.

(Roach book)
Roach, S. (1992). Caring: The human mode of being (revised ed.) Ottawa, CA: Canadian Hospital Association Pres.

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