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Course Case Analysis Guidelines                                                     


  • Overview:
    • Log in to Harvard Business Review to purchase and read the Course Case.
  • Report:
    • Prepare a 5 page,double-spaced, analysis utilizing the outline provided. The analysis must be five pages.  Your printed cover page will be page 6 and your Executive Summary will be page 7 in TOTAL.
  • Details:
    • The analysis is due at the start of class on the assigned date. Failure to submit on time will warrant a deduction of twenty No excuses will be accepted.
    • No outside research is allowed. The analysis is to be conducted solely on the student’s individual perspective and class discussions.
    • Each PAPER submitted analysis must have a cover page which includes the student’s name.
    • Each ELECTRONICALLY submitted analysis must not include the cover sheet and must be named as a file containing the student’s name (ex: janedoe.docx).
    • There should be no identifying notes throughout the analysis itself (i.e., do not use your name in the header, etc., throughout the paper).


  1. Executive Summary
    1. One page summary of the main highlights of your analysis
  2. Company History (brief)
  • Industry Analysis
    1. What industry does this organization compete in?
    2. What are two trends in this industry?
    3. Identify at least two OTHER key players in this industry?
    4. List one strength and one weakness of each key player.
  1. Strategic Analysis (SWOT) 
    1. Discuss the most significant Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for this organization according to the case.You should have at least twoof each.
    2. Fully explain each component.
  2. Problem Statement
    1. Clearly state what you’ve identified as the most significant issue facing this organization.
    2. Remember: there may be more than one. Each student should concern themselves with what he/she feels is most significant FROM THE CASE.
  3. Alternatives
    1. Develop a list of alternatives to solve your stated problem statement WITHOUT judging them
    2. For EACH alternative, answer:
      • How does this option fit with the mission and objectives of the organization?
      • Will the culture or values of the organization change if this alternative is selected? Why or why not?
  • Recommendation
    1. Make a recommendation that your analysis supports.
    2. Explain what the long-term impact will be.
    3. Explain why this course of action will solve the problem.
    4. The solution you propose must solve the problem you identified


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