Music therapy (Vocal psychotherapy)


The purpose of this assignment is for the student to demonstrate their understanding of a music therapy model/approach (other than Nordogg Robbins Creative Music Therapy) that is suitable for use within a setting for infants, children or adolescents.

Assessment Description & Requirements

Students are required to conduct and write a 3000-word review of literature on the philosophical background, historical development and clinical applications of a selected music therapy approach, method or technique. This is to occur as follows:
Select a music therapy model/approach from the list below (other than NR-CMT, and different to your selection for Assessment 1) and conduct and write a literature review addressing:
? ? ? ? ?
Historical development
Philosophical background
Overarching components/tenets
Clinical applications
Personal interest/reflections/experiences

The scope of your review will vary but you are expected to refer to at least
15 separate literature sources published in the last ten years.

The review should be 3000 words (plus or minus 10%) and be written in an acceptable academic style using the APA6 format of referencing.

12 Point Arial Font
2.5 cm Margins Top, Bottom, Left and Right
1.5 Line Spacing

Literature Review Topics
? Psychodynamic music therapy
? Developmental music therapy
? Receptive music therapy
? Bonnymethod GIM
? Neurologic music therapy
? Culture-centred music therapy
? Resource-oriented music therapy
? Aesthetic music therapy
? Vocal psychotherapy
? The field of play
? The feminist approach

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