Money Back Guarantee

The same way we guarantee 100% quality papers, we also ensure that we give you value for your money. Quality Custom Writings has a clear money back guarantee for unsatisfactory work. We understand that you deserve a refund for any unsatisfactory work.


Although we know there are few cases of disappointments, we never discount our client’s dissatisfaction. However, our money back guarantee policy only applies of the following cases:


  1. QCW will refund 70% of the paid order if the writer has lapsed over half of the time allocated by the client; this is meant to compensate the writer for their time
  2. QCW will refund 100% of the paid order if the client cancels the order before it has been allocated to a writer.
  3. QCW will refund 100% of the order paid if the client makes a double payment for the same order.
  4. QCW system will notify the client in case of double payment and issue the client with two receipts for each payment.
  5. In case of the occurrence in (4) above, the client should forward the receipts to the company’s email for verification and immediate refund
  6. In all cases concerning unsatisfactory papers, the client should make a request to the company in writing and wait for a refund within three days of order delivery
  7. If QCW does not receive the written request for refund within two days, it will be assumed you are satisfied and no refund will be received thereafter
  8. QCW reserves the right to accept or reject you written request based on case considerations as stipulated in our terms and conditions



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