MGMT 630 Organizational Theory and Behavior Homework 1 CostCo Marcic Dimension Scale

Essay Using a Business Case

Guide Overview

You will analyze a major company to better understand important ideas about how organizations are structured. This task helps you as a manager go beyond the often-used organizational chart to understand how and why company strategy develops.

You have a choice of cases.

  • Perdue Farms (see research materials in another file, also attached to LEO assignment link)
  • CostCo (see case materials in another file, attached to the LEO link).



Anticipate writing and editing to submit eight (8) or more pages.

PAGE LENGTH: page length is a suggestion–not a mandate.


Make certain you read carefully all of this document. It is your guide.

Date Due: See LEO Assignment List for Date to Submit

Important… Important…Important! A draft of this paper is to be submitted to the draft-1 link> found in the LEO assignment folder.

Date Due for Draft: See Assignment links “Draft” list, first entry.

More on why you must submit a draft:  The objective is to improve writing needed by all grad students so that they are truly successful.

If you don’t submit a draft? You earn a -0- for the paper. OUCH!  Work ahead so that the draft is ready for the writing coach.  But kindly know the draft does not have to be perfect or error-free.  It is a DRAFT version.    The big goal is for everyone/you to try out the writing coach’s services.  Know that the coach’s comments are NEVER used to determine the assignment grade.  Instead, use of the coach can be very helpful when reviewing grammar and punctuation as well as overall organization of an essay. 


You will NOT be penalized or lose grade points for the page length. You will want to make certain that you have explained/described each factor listed in the evaluation list to determine the best length. 


Course Materials Useful to this Assignment: All information is available on the LEO course website.

  • Attachments to LEO Assignment link (resource materials, case, sample paper)
  • Daft Chapters 1 and 2
  • LEO Course Content>Wk 1 Introduction
  • LEO Course Content>Wk 2 Organizational Structure and Life Cycle
  • LEO Course Content>Wk 3 Organizational Culture
  • You are asked to use the Marcic Dimension Scale, found at the end of Chapter 1, beginning p. 39, Daft text book.   This scale is the basis for your analysis. It is also included in this GUIDE. See p 4 of this Guide.   Make certain you use the Marcic Dimension Scale.   Indicate you have applied the Scale by citing it in your paper, using APA in-text cite format. Include your rating scores for each dimension selected. To find the text book materials, use this link path: LEO> Content> (scroll down left side of computer screen) to locate >Course Resources>E Readings> (click) Organizational Theory and Design.


  • Want to write well? See LEO Content for a module on “APA Format”. Print out and use the materials as you write and edit.
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