Marketing plan


Trying to write Marketing Plan Objectives


  1. Describe the compatibility of the products objectives with your company’s mission.


Idea: Our company’s mission is mainly aimed at retail market of the smart healthy ring Tempo, the accessories on elder health. From the product perspective, we generate Tempo as mid and high-end intelligent health products (auxiliary devices), which develop into a close link between parents and their family members. Since we are intelligent products for elder, our healthy ring should keep “simply and high-tech” compatibility to be consistent with market mission. The ultimate project objective is to raise public awareness of the importance on the elder’s health and our products can provide all-time protection for them. Also, we send accurate health information to their family to regulate.

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  1. What is the time frame of your marketing plans objectives?


Idea: As a short term target, we focus on Japanese market because over 25% population in Japan are older than 65 years old. And the residents in Japan has the leading expectation of life. So Japan has huge amount of potential customers. Japan also has sufficient gerocomium resources to cooperate with such as there are 341 geracomium in Osaka. So we expect a consistent increasing sales on the first 4-6 months after we enter the Japanese market. How to do in long run ?


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