Management 630

Assignment/Homework 1 (5 pages, 5 References)


Identify a government policy, local, national or international, decision that has influenced or will influence your field of study, e.g. nonprofit and Association Management, Criminal Justice, Human Resource Management, Cybersecurity, or Information Systems.   The policy decision can be a rulemaking, court decision or legislation that has already been or will be implemented.  Discuss one positive and one negative effect that the government action has on your field of study.


Write an essay of 5 pages that provides a critical and thoughtful response to the above assignment. Grammar, spelling, punctuation must meet graduate school expectations.

  1. Perform appropriate research by locating at least three (3) scholarly journal articles that will support your paper.
  • Two of these articles must have been published within the last 5 years
  • You must use UMUC’s library to locate the articles and include at least one scholarly journal that provides a DOI=digital object identifier on the reference page.
  1. Follow APA style guidelines for citations and reference page. Please use APA level 1 headings and organize the essay in a logical sequence.
  2. Prepare your essay in MS Word with 1-inch margins on all sides, double-spaced and 12 pt. Times New Roman font.
  3. This is an academic paper, not a opinion paper thus use appropriate citations to support your position, use critical analysis supported by course concepts and research found in the literature.
  4. Assignment must be placed in the appropriate assignment folder.


Homework #2 (4 pages including an abstract and statement of the problem)

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Assignment Two, 630, Fall  2017

Actions for Assignment two/homework two



Assignment Two Topics: Please choose one to complete this assignment:


·         Is corporate social responsibility necessary for organizations to survive?

·         What is the impact of the Internet on organizational culture and leadership?

·         What is the impact of disruptive corporations on organizational culture?

·         What role does the Federal government play in organizational culture?

·         What is the role of diversity in the culture of global organizations?

·         West meets East, the USA and China have recently signed several major trade agreements. What does this mean for the global economy?  What role does Russia play in helping to shape this economy?

·         In recent weeks several global organizations have witnessed the change of their leaders.   What is/are the global significance(s) of this/these actions?




This is the beginning of your research paper. For this assignment you are to select your research problem; provide an abstract and provide five scholarly annotations on the problem.


You will need five scholarly writings.  The topic/problem can be related to your essay topic in assignment one or an area of special interest to you in the field of organizational theory and management. The assignment should include an abstract and a statement of the problem in addition to the five scholarly annotations.


Mid-term Research Paper (5 pages, 5 references)

Organizational Case Study

  1.  Find a case study in the UMUC Library that involves a management/organizational issue that is appropriate for this class of study (ASK ME FOR LOG IN DETAILS WHEN YOU REACH THIS ASSIGNMENT)

A case study is any article that describes in sufficient detail an actual single organization and how that organization addressed the issue at hand.

  1. Using the facts published in the case study and other scholarly sources,  analyze the structure of the organization, describing its:
  1. Differentiation
  2. Integration
  3. Formalization
  4. Centralization
  5. Mechanistic versus organic design
  6. Contingency factors
  7. Design configuration (e.g.,) functional, divisional, matrix, etc.)
  1. Provide a set of logical recommendations to improve the structure of the organization to address better the issue central to the case, citing your above analysis in support.
  2. Your paper should be no more than 5 pages in length. The cover and reference pages are not included in the word count.

Research Assignment (12 pages, 10 References)

In Homework Assignment #2 you were asked to produce a detailed annotated bibliography that offered more substantiation for the claim you made about a central organizational issue in the first assignment. This annotated bibliography afforded you some substantiation from the scholarly community and from research studies that support your claim.

For the research assignment you are to write a detailed research paper expanding on the homework assignments. This is to say that the topic you have identified and substantiated in your annotated bibliography should now be developed in a more exhaustive analysis of the problem or issue as it applies to organizational behavior and development. This paper should be no more (than twelve pages long (exclusive of the title page and references page) and should represent a more in depth library research analysis beyond the annotated bibliography. I am more interested in substance than quantity.

Group Project (6 pages, 5 references)

TopCop Software

At the age of 39, after working for nearly fifteen years at a leading software company, Tom Jones and his soon to be wife, Mary Cedar, had cashed in their stock options and started their own company. The two developed a new software package for small businesses to help detect cyber -attacks.  The software could be used as a stand-alone product or easily integrated with other major software cyber detection tools.  The software is compliant with cyber standards in the United States and with the United Nations.

The timing is great for Top Dog, cyber-attacks are increasing world-wide and small businesses would appear to be the largest victims.  To take advantage of this growing world –wide need, Tom Jones and Mary Cedar brought in two former colleagues as partners and were soon able to catch the attention of a venture capitalist firm to gain additional funding. With then two years, TopCop had twenty-eight employees and sales had reached nearly $5 million.

Now, TopCop is facing its first major problem. The have learned of a new company based in London that is beta testing a new cyber detection  product that promised to outpace TopCop and the new company has been talking about global aspirations. Some in TopCop believe that if they stay focused on the United States and the other company starts out as a global player, TopCop will be killed within months. Some in topCop argue that they must come up with an international strategy to deal with this emerging competition.

The leadership of TopCop has gathered opinions and ides from their partners, employees, advisors and friends. Now they have to make a decision, should they stay local or go global? Some within TopCop believe their resources are too thin to go internationally and some has warned that rapid global expansion could also spell disaster for the company. Some have pointed out that none of their managers have international experience and the company would have to hire someone with significant global experience.

TopCop has retained you to provide it with a blueprint to address this problem.

Required: Please consider all options for this growing company. In considering all options please make sure that you utilize the writings from this course and other expert resources at your disposal.  Your final paper should have an executive summary and a text of your findings and conclusions.  The total number of words for this assignment should be no more than 5 pages + 1 page executive summary. Please use charts and graphs and other tools to convey your message and these tools will count toward your word count.

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