Major essay

To successfully complete this assessment task you will need to respond to one of the
following questions:
1. Critically discuss the way gender is discursively (re)produced in TV cooking
2. Focusing on one specific program, critically discuss the way gay identities
are constructed in TV sitcoms.
3. Using one movie as your case study, critically discuss the way age informs
the construction of gender in Hollywood movies about mid-life or late-life
heterosexual relationships.
4. Using a media representation of ‘bogans’ as your case study, critically
discuss the ways in which both class and gender inform the discursive
construction of Australian national identity in the media

To successfully complete this essay, you will need to:
• Construct a sophisticated thesis statement through which to guide your
overall argument.
• Focus your discussion on one discrete media example (a movie, TV show,
documentary, reality TV, newspaper article, website etc). It is acceptable to
use the example/s discussed in class, but you may like to choose an
example of your own. You can also use other minor examples in support of
your points.
• Define and apply the key concepts that are identified in your essay question.
• Make sound critical use of prescribed unit readings in the construction of
your argument (this includes essential and recommended readings)(
• Independently research at least two academic references that are relevant to
your chosen essay question and make sound critical use of these in the
construction of your argument.
• Demonstrate the ability to construct an argument according to standard
essay writing conventions (introduction, body and conclusion and overall
coherency in your argument).
• Demonstrate professional writing skills, including proofreading sentence
structure, spelling and grammar. Overall, your writing must be clear and
• Referencing, including in-text citations and reference list.
• Please use Chicago 16B as your referencing protocol.

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