Leadership theories



Description of Assignment


Identify Organization that has experienced conflict during the implementation of change:  Use organization in the article Managing Conflict during Organizational Acquisition   (attached)


  1. Discuss your observations and analyzed your findings regarding how the selected organization worked to resolve the conflict while still pursuing necessary organizational change.


  1. Determine whether the change and conflict initiatives were effective, and if not,


  1. Recommend3 appropriate techniques. Provides references for each example


  1. Provide 2 Leadership theory examples from your research and as to how 2 other organizations worked to resolve conflict while implementing change.


Total pages 7   Total references -8  – 3 references included must be used


Research Headings

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Organization Experiencing Conflict During Change
  • Effectiveness of Change and Conflict Initiatives
  • Recommendation of Appropriate Techniques (3 appropriate techniques and 3 references)
  • Two Other Organizations that Resolved Conflict during Change
    • Provide 2 Leadership theory examples
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