Dear student,

You have the role ofthe respondent, you will be arguing against the ground.

Skeleton: 1500 words

You  need to make 2-3 submissions (argument points) about why and how the law was applied incorrectly/correctly (depending on who you are representing), using case law authority (normally, although you might find something else with high authority) to support your points.  These submissions will be made in your skeleton arguments (with the authority you rely on) and bring in actual quotations from the relevant cases within the submissions you are making.

Bundle: 1500 words

Your bundle will contain the headnote of the cases you are using in your submissions, plus the relevant pages where the quotations you use in your oral presentation can be found, and with the quotations highlighted.

When you are selecting cases to use in your submissions, think about their authority in relation to the Supreme Court because you can use terminology in your oral presentation to explain the authority of them (eg persuasive or binding precedent).  You can use the cases in the question





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