Is Australia an egalitarian society?

Assignment 3 requires 1 short essays (850 word each ) . The question is designed to allow you to demonstrate the breadth of your sociological knowledge and your ability to apply that knowledge in a clear, concise and grammatical fashion.

Option 2 Essay
Is Australia an egalitarian society?  Your answer should analyse Marx OR Weber’s ideas on class and use examples from any of the following topics. Health , Education, Indigenous people, Ethnicity and Immigration.
You must not use the same material in two or more essays.

Things to pay attention to
Your essays must be well researched (i.e. you should consult 6-8 academic sources. Sociological Journals , respected sociological academic sources by respected authors ) Please add page numbers to In txt citations.
Your examples must have depth , must be relevant and current to Australia.
Your essay must be written logically, coherently and in formal academic language. Pay particular attention to spelling and grammar.

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