Integrated marketing communication plan

  • Length: 2500 words (+/-10%)
  • Marks out of: 100
  • Weighting: 40% of the course (MKT2001)
  • Date due: 05 September 2017
  • This assignment should be submitted individually. It is not a team assignment.

Please note you have to use a real organisation in your assignment


  • You need to develop an integrated marketing communication plan for a brand of your choice. The brand should be chosen from any one of the two product groups, cellular phones or motor vehicles.
  • Example, Samsung (cellular phones) or Toyota (motor vehicles), or any other brand. You should base your IMC plan on a specific variant of the brand (for instance, if motor vehicles are chosen, the variant could be Toyota Corolla; or you could even focus on a specific variant of the Corolla etc. The focus of the IMC plan should be determined by you.
  • The IMC plan needs to be developed for a minimum of 3 months or a maximum of 12 months.
  • You are required to use the combination of which-ever IMC mix tools you feel are relevant to the target audience. You do not necessarily have to use all of the IMC tools.
  • The IMC plan should follow the correct report format. Please refer to the course reading on ‘Report Writing’. This can be located in ‘Course Readings DiReCt’.
  • Introduction and brief background of the company and brand/product.
  • Marketing communication objectives
  • Target audience
  • Brand/product positioning

Creative /message strategy

  • IMC mix (IMC tools)
  • Mock-ups / illustrations
  • Media strategy
  • Media budget

Media scheduling

  • Evaluation
  • Conclusion
  • List of references
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