Info 101

Info 101
Task 2 will require you to pick four learning experiences from your 101 learning; they could be an assignment, a class topic or tutorial you particularly enjoyed, or a “how to” from something you learned in the workshops. You will create a web page for each of your learning experiences, a summary page will summarise each of your reflections, and a home page will link the portfolio together and introduce it to the reader. As such, Task 2 will have a total of six integrated webpages that you will submit together.
There is no one perfect way to do a portfolio; in Task 2 you have to use HTML, CSS, web-forms and some JavaScript (which will be covered in Workshops 2-5) to achieve full marks.
Task 2 will be released later in the trimester.
When you submit this webpage for the final project, you will propose the four areas you are interested in reflecting on when you submit Task 2. Your task 2 will be structured like this:

Your HTML Prototype will be the major part of the Final Project where you will actually build the website proposed in Task 1. (You do not have to build your part 1 design). You will be expected to integrate content from workshops 2, 3, 4 and 5. However, you are not limited to the content of these four workshops. If you want to integrate HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript elements from outside of these workshops, you are welcome to, if they add to your website. However, it is your own work that earns the marks.
If there is anything you are not sure of, please refer to your workshop materials and/or post questions on the Blackboard discussion board.

Submission Instructions
1. Name your zip file as follows: (e.g. N.B.: files submitted with a .rar extension cannot be marked (i.e. you need to select ‘ZIP’ in the format section of the ‘Archive’ menu panel).

2. You will be given three attempts to submit your project before the submission deadline. We strongly advise you to submit your work one or two hours before this time. Do not email your project to the tutors or the senior tutor BEFORE the due date. We will NOT provide students with strong direction on the quality of a submission, prior to the deadline! i.e. we only mark once.

Any projects submitted after the due time will incur a late penalty.

The requirements of your website should be informed by the below rubric:
Requirements Grade contribution (30% Total)
Correct HTML structure (e.g. DOCTYPE, html, head and body tags) and tags must be located in the correct sections. Also must have a readable code layout 2%
Correct tags (e.g. nesting tags, opening and closing tags) 1%
Six web pages with titles (must have index page. Does NOT include externally linked websites) 3%
Page links should be correct, with ease of navigation (navigation bar) 2%
Use of Lists 1%
Use of Images 1%
Use of HTML form 4%
JavaScript Conditional Statement (Using at least ‘if’) 3%
Comments used inside of HTML and CSS files. 2%
Text formatting (must include font family, size AND colour) 2%
Use of element, class AND ID selectors (must include at least one of each) 3%
Use of span AND div CSS formatting 2%
Overall design 4%

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