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Individual Assignment


Critical Literature Review


Most peer-reviewed journal articles include a literature review section near the beginning of the article. This section helps the reader become acquainted with previous research findings and prior theoretical development on a certain topic. The literature review helps put your topic in context of the existing body of research.

In this unit, you will conduct a critical literature review of your research topic. This critical literature review is a crucial step in determining how your research topic aligns with current research and theories. For example, does your research attempt to answer a question from a different perspective, or address a question in a different context, as compared to prior studies? Additionally, will your research findings potentially add new perspectives on a current theory and provide a unique application of knowledge to the business field?

In this Individual Assignment, you will conduct a critical review of the research literature on your chosen topic and examine the paradigms, theories and methodologies that relate to your topic.

To prepare for this Individual Assignment:

Read Unit 3 assigned readings.
Search Online Library for research articles relevant to your research topic

To complete this Individual Assignment:

Identify eight to ten research articles from peer-reviewed journals that address your research topic or a very similar topic.

Complete a critical literature review of approximately 2,000 words that addresses the following questions:

What have researchers said about your research topic? What types of studies have they done, and what have been the findings?

What epistemological perspectives have served as the foundation for these studies?

What research approaches and methodologies were used and why?

What aspects of the topic seem to have been studied the most? What aspects seem to have been studied the least?

How can the literature you reviewed inform your own planning for a management research project?

If you have not yet received approval on your research topic, submitted in Unit 2: submit your revised topic statement, following the instructions for the Individual Assignment in Unit 2 and incorporating feedback received from your Faculty Member.

Be sure to include references to all sources in Harvard Referencing Style AND FREE PLAGIARISM

Easterby-Smith, M., R. Thorpe, & P. Jackson, (2012) Management Research, 4th edition, London: SAGE Publications

Chapter 3: ‘Designing Management Research’ (pp. 36-74; ebook pp. 1055-1917)

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