Imagining the world through the Arts

EDU30007: Imagining the world through the Arts

Assignment overview

To showcase some of your learning from this unit, you are required to collect appropriate resources related to each of the weekly topics. The purpose of this assignment task is to collate and justify resources you have selected based on the strands of the Creative Arts.

Related learning outcomes

This task is assessing your ability to demonstrate that you meet the criteria for the following unit learning outcomes:
Plan and critically evaluate a range of teaching strategies that foster creativity, imagination, self expression and aesthetic awareness in children from infancy in a variety of ways through offering opportunities that take account of interests and skills.
Develop and evaluate appropriate and enjoyable Music, Dance, Visual Arts and Drama experiences that enable children to build confidence and gain knowledge and skills in these areas.
Design inclusive practises when teaching the Arts.
Assignment details

Part A: Arts resources and discussion (8 x 100 words): Throughout the unit you have been collecting resources related to the strands of Creative Arts. For this assignment you will select eight resources from your collection (no more than two from each strand), to include in your folio. Examples of resources might include a painting /piece of music. For each of your resources, briefly discuss how it promotes inclusive practices.

Part B: Rationale (total 2000 words): Choose four of the resources (one from each strand) from Part A and using the points below, explain how you will incorporate the resource into a meaningful Creative Arts experience for children aged from birth to eight years.
You will need to include:

The age and number of children the experience is catered for.
Brief description of the experience (resources, presentation, setting).
Aims – what will the children learn?
Teaching strategies i.e. what you will do to support creativity, imagination, self-expression and aesthetic awareness in children? How will you take children’s interests and skills into account?
Demonstration of inclusive practices.
Your folio is to be submitted as a Word document and can include resources in the form of a URL (if from an external source), filename or screen shot.

Additional resources

The following resources will support you in completing this assignment:

Referencing guide (this includes guidelines on how to cite and reference ACARA and ELYF).
Assignment support.

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