Human Services in Context

Assignment: Change Proposal – Addressing Inequality in Australia


Identify who you are: ie a Human Service worker in a particular organization /or type of organization eg The Smith Family or a neighborhood center or a hospital

This needs to be an organisation that would be working in the area of inequality that you identify in Australia.

To whom are you sending the proposal to eg a Government Department, a Minister of parliament, a local organisation or group or the boss of your organization or someone else

Outline the issue you want to address or change. Identify the group or communities that are facing the issue

Provide evidence about the inequalities or social injustice that are present and reference this. Provide a discussion on the causes of the inequality (provide references)

Outline your proposal- what do you want to see happen to address the problem. Is it legislative change or more resources to be spent on an existing program or a specific project?

What are the expected benefits of your proposal? How will the proposal make a difference? What are the weaknesses of your proposal?

Discuss the feasibility. What are the positives and challenges that face this project or proposal. What is the socio political climate in which you are working? Where is the support for the project? How likely would it be for your project or idea to be supported? What is going on in your environment that either would help or challenge this idea for change?

Make your recommendations

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