HR Essays

HR Essays

To fully answer each question it is expected that you will write three double-spaced pages in 12-point font with 1” margins for each question. There are a total of 23 Questions.

Please provide a detailed and in depth discussion to each question. Use clear examples and specifics to support your answers. I don’t want any brief or hurried answers. I want a thorough observation and address each question and communicate HR content and theories and their application in the workplace in written form. Use graduate level writing skills.

Please use examples and specifics to support your answers from the last 2 years and current HR issue to support your answers.

Organizational Behavior

1. Describe behavior modification theories and/or techniques and how they can be used in managing in an organization.

2. Describe motivational theories and/or models and how they can be used to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Organizational Development and Change

1. Describe change models and/or change processes and how they can be used to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Laws and Regulations

1. Describe forms of sexual harassment, how they affect an organization, and how they can be reduced or eliminated in the work place.

2. Define/describe forms of discrimination, how they affect an organization, and how to address them in to limit exposure to lawsuits.

Managing HR Development

1. Describe adult learning theory and learning styles, and give examples of how they apply to HRD programs.

2. Describe the ADDIE model for instructional design.

3. Describe different approaches to employee development including the key elements of each approach and their expected outcomes.

4. Discuss how an effective Performance Management can be used for employee development.

Workforce Planning and Employment

1. Describe the keys elements involved in designing and implementing an effective sourcing and recruiting program.

2. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the different forms of interviews formats and interview questions that can be used during the selection process.

3. Explain how a progressive discipline policy can help organizations maintain a competitive edge.

4. Discuss the use of the Uniform Guidelines in the selection process.

Compensation Management

1. Describe how and why job analyses and job evaluations are conducted, and how they are used when creating pay structures designed to support an organization’s internal alignment goals.

2. Describe performance based pay and give examples of different methods used to support an organization’s HR and business strategy goals.

Labor Relations

1. Describe key laws and key provisions that give employees the right to engage in concerted activity, protect employers from unfair union labor practices, and protect employees from abuses by union officials.

2. Describe the legal steps in the process undertaken by employees desiring to have union representation and management’s response assuming they desire not to have an organized work force.
International/Global HR

1. Describe five stages of globalization and discuss the international HR implications of each.

2. Define and discuss Cultural Dimensions and discuss the practical applications of each.

Evidence Based Decision Making/Business Research Methods

1. Describe and explain the steps you would take to evaluate new ideas in an organization

2. Describe and explain the research process typically used in academics.

3. Describe the concept of ROI and why it is important in most business situations.

4. Describe the Scientific Method.

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