How the media framed the Syrian chemical weapons crisis & how President Obama responded to that crisis by using the Entman’s Cascade Model framework


Note: you will need to find more scholarly sources to meet the quota set forth by the professor (as noted in the “instructions, specs” document).



“In Time of War: Understanding Public Opinion from WW2 to Iraq” by Adam J. Berinsky. ((Some notes for this book are attached.))

“The Nature and Origins of Mass Opinion” by John R. Zaller.


“Projections of Power” by Robert M. Entman ((Very limited notes on the first chapter or two are attached.This source is key, especially with respect to how the research question relates to the literature.))


“Frame Analysis: An Essay on the Organization of Experience” by Erving Goffman


“Talking Politics” by William A. Gamson.



  • “Embedding the Truth: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Objectivity and Television Coverage of the Iraq War” by Sean Aday.
  • 05_Entman (Highlighted)
  • 1990-Toward a Theory of Press-State Relations
  • Chong and Druckman Framing Theory (Highlighted)
  • Chong Druckman JOP 2013 Counterframing Effects (Highlighted)
  • Entman Framing Effects (Highlighted)
  • Framing the U.S. Troop Surge in Iraq
  • News Framing as a Multiparadigmatic Research Program
  • Soroka(HIJPP)
  • The CNN Effect – Article form
  • The CNN Effect – Humanitarian Crises
  • Who Influences US Foreign Policy
  • Wlezien(JOP)





  • 02-Guzansky
  • 2012 CCS Report
  • Global Views 2010
  • Syria Brief
  • UN Brief
  • 10-22-14 ISIS release



POTENTIALLY USEFULSCHOLARLY ARTICLES (note: these have not been read but might be of use if necessary)


  • “The Structure of Foreign Policy Beliefs Among American Opinion Leaders–After the Cold War.” Millenium; Journal of International Studies 22: forthcoming.

(By Holsti, Ole R., and James N. Rosenau??? Or is that Ole R. Holsti?)


  • Jacobs, Lawrence R., and Robert Y. Shapiro. 1993. “The Public Presidency, Private Polls and Policymaking: Lyndon Johnson.” Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Washington, DC.
  • Monroe, Alan D. 1979. “Consistency Between Public Preferences and national Policy Decisions.” American Politics Quarterly 7:3-19.





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