Consider the following scenario: You are the administrator of a suburban mental health clinic in need of psychiatrists. You hire a candidate who purports to be a psychiatrist. Over a one year period you notice that this individual generates many complaints related to poor care. There are several complaints made to the State Licensing Board regarding this individual’s competence. You engage a Nurse Risk Manager to review the case records of this individual. The Nurse Risk Manager concludes that this individual is not following current standard of care practice. Upon further review, it becomes evident that this individual has fraudulent credential and is not a physician/psychiatrist. Upon further review it is clear that your clinic has billed Medicare for services rendered by this fraudulent physician.

It is likely that if you share this information with your Board of Directors you will lose your job. What are the legal/ethical issues that you face and what should you do?

You are to upload thee comments for this Discussion Board. One is a statement of your position, one is a comment on another students position. The last is either a respone to a comment on your position or any other response to a positing

I will post the students posts iwill like you to comment on.

PARAGRAPH 1= my position

PARAGRAPH 2=Since my second response has to be to someone in my same position … respond to this…….

As an Administrator my first priority would be the safety and well being of my patients. I would have reviewed the psychiatry candidate extensively upon hiring them for the position. Making sure their mental license was in order with out prohibitions. I am aware that things do happen and if by any chance the hiring took place, the negligence would fall on myself. The Board of Directors would be told immediately, even at the threat of job lost. i could not put any more of my patients at risk by lying or covering up the incident. Sometimes individuals are faced with tough decisions when it comes to their livelihoods, but being a health administrator means putting the patient first.

Paragraph 3= Respond to this…… People do the wrong thing because of greed and power. They think they do not need to put in the time and hard work to get what they have actually stolen. Fitzgerald Anthony Hudson unethical performance was described in the article “Fake Physician Pleads Guilty” by Tracey Drury (2013) is a perfect example about doing the wrong thing. Hudson did not complete his bachelor’s degree at York University in Ontario, he then entered medical school at Ross University, was suspended out of his residency program at Warren Hospital Family Practice, and finally lied on his job applications in order to get hired as a physician at Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center in Ogdensburg and Jones Memorial (Drury, 2013). For some reason Hudson kept moving forward even after him getting rejected from his programs and fired from his jobs. What he has done is highly unethical and very dangerous.

Please do not rewrite the comments i would like you to respond to on the assignment page. i only need the paragraphs numbered..such as response to paragraph 1. response to paragraph 2 and so on.


What is Res Ipsa Loquitor. Why is this doctrine so important to health care practitioners and organizations? Your assignment should no more than one page.

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