Gold Coast Attraction

destination have been chosen for gold coast in australia

This assignment requires students to describe and analyse the tourism infrastructure of a selected destination with emphasis on:

– Analyse the number and quality of primary, secondary and tertiary attractions in the destination. How do they rate in terms of AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Demand , Action) , Does the destination have sufficient attractions to keep tourists interested in staying ? How well are attractions marketed in this destination to the prospective source markets.

This assignment asks students to assess the relationship between the destination management /marketing organisation and the three key sectors of tourism (transport, accommodation and attractions.) To what extent, if any, is there a collaborative relationship between the DMO and the sectors. Are there any conflicts between them and if so what effect does this have on tourism? To what extent is the destination and the transport, accommodation and attraction business within it committed to sustainability, Does the regulatory environment in the destination support, restrict or hamper tourism development in the transport, accommodation and attraction sectors?
In your analysis each group needs to establish the extent to which transport accommodation and attractions meet or exceed the carrying capacity for the demographic mix of domestic and international tourists.
In this assignment each group needs to establish the core and secondary attractions of your chosen destination. You need to determine the extent to which the mix of accommodation is appropriate for the tourists the destination seeks to attracts. Abu Dhabi learned this hard way in 2009-10 when they only offered 5 star hotels for which there was minimal demand during the Global Financial Crisis. To what extent does the transport infrastructure meet the needs of tourists.

Information sources
Web sites are great but do not rely wholly and solely on destination websites, unless you want to fail. In addition to extensive reading from books, journal articles and media reports you can talk to people who either market the destinations or work in companies which service the destination. Primary research is a great way to gain insights and if the information you gain from speaking to good sources of information enhances your report you will also gain many marks.

Students are invited to choose one geographically compact destination region and provide a detailed assessment of the standard and suitability of transport and accommodation infrastructure and the state of attractions. Students form a group of 3-4 people. The assignment involves :
1. Analysing the state of attractions and transport and accommodation infrastructure in the destination.
2. Assessing the relationship between destination management and the attraction, transport and accommodation sectors
3. Assessing the measures that attractions, transport and accommodation sectors have taken and are currently taking to match tourism demand with supply.
4. Conducting an analysis of the measures taken to address any shortcomings
5. Outlining a set of measures which could be taken to address the problems
6. Identifying and analysing a set of possible outlooks for the future.
Marking Criteria
1. Evidence of a sound knowledge of the transport, attractions and accommodation infrastructure in your chosen destination. Value 20%
2. Evidence that the group has fully researched the issue and have sourced all possible primary, secondary and tertiary sources. Value 20%
3. Clarity of style and essay format. The final report needs to written with an introduction, well argued body which addresses the points raised in the above summary and conclusions which are in line with the evidence you have compiled. Value 20%
4. Standard of the in class presentation. The presentation must be in line with the final written work and clearly communicate both the evidence and findings of your research on the issue chosen 30%
5. Reference and citation completed in accordance with UTS standards 10%.

** Attachments about all the attractions in a destination please read
and havard referencing guide must follow !

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