I will upload the stories soon. There are 2 stories but you have to write about each story separately. I just did not want to do 2 transactions so once you are done with writing about the first story, continue writing about the second story in a new paragraph. Please remember that you can not mix the stories together. I will also provide the specific instruction about what to write. Each story has to be 500 words.

This is for the first story
“The Minster’s Black Veil” – Hawthorne Discussion #1

For this week’s first whole-class discussion forum, please consider the following commentary from Clayton:

“Hooper has come to the conclusion that human beings in their sinfulness are irrevocably far from God. He is not different because he is free from sin — on the contrary, he is only too aware of his mortal sinfulness — but he is different because of the profundity of his awareness of sin. This is what really separates him from his fellow humans; the black veil is simply a symptom of it.

The story “The Minister’s Black Veil” is symbolic of the hidden sins that we all hide and that in turn distances us from the ones we love most. The minister dons a black veil because he has discerned in everyone a dark, hidden self of secret sin.

In wearing the veil Hooper dramatizes the isolation that each person experiences when they are chained down by their own sinful deeds. He has realized that symbolically everyone can be found in the shadow of their own dark veil. Hooper in wearing this shroud across his face is only amplifying the dark side of people and the truth of human existence and nature.”

For your 500 word analysis, please apply Clayton’s theories to the story. Do his theories point to specific characters or plot points? Perhaps more important, do you agree with Clayton’s assessment — that Hawthorne’s main point is that humanity hides behind a veil? That humans have a secret, sinful side?

In your discussion on human nature, please be open-minded if you choose to discuss specific religious beliefs! Try to discuss your ideas objectively — make your ideas apply to all religions (if that is possible!). Please, no religious battles this week! Better yet, try to focus more on psychology — human attitudes and emotions. Be open-minded and kind!

and this is for the second one.

“Young Goodman Brown” – Hawthorne Discussion #2

For this week’s second discussion forum, please choose one symbol (figure, part of nature, object, etc.) that Young Goodman Brown encounters in the forest.

Analyze the meaning of the symbol as it pertains to a key theme in the story. What does the symbol tell us about Brown’s fate? His relationships? His life? Are there religious, moral, or ethical overtones? Please be specific and detailed!

Please post an initial analysis of at least 500 words.

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