Forensic Psychology

The Final project for this class requires you to assess what direction personality theory and research will occur in the twenty-first century. Based on the field of Forensic Psychology determine how personality theory’s application has evolved in the area.

Be sure your analysis addresses the following:

  • Identify the key theoretical perspective(s) you have reviewed in this course that have influenced the development of the Forensic Psychology field. (Please select one perspective)
  • Discuss the impact of cultural influences on personality as applied to the Forensic Psychology field.
  • Note any ethical challenges that might exist in applying personality testing or conducting personality research in the Forensic Psychology field.
  • Suggest what new research opportunities exist to expand the application of personality theory in the Forensic Psychology

The research you utilized in developing your Annotated Outline can be reused. However, these resources should be supplemented in the areas that were indicated by your instructor. Remember to incorporate any other faculty feedback from your annotated outline into your final assignment. (annotated outline with feedback attached)

Length: 14 pages

References: 17 (attached)

APA Style. No plagiarism


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