The purpose of this folio task is for you to demonstrate your ability to generate and analyse plans of mathematics lessons and units using the structure and content of the Australian Curriculum. This task also enables you to further develop your skills in designing teaching strategies that take an inclusive and integrated approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Related learning outcomes:

This task is assessing your ability to demonstrate that you meet the criteria for the following unit learning outcomes:

Plan mathematics lessons and units using the structure and content of the Australian Curriculum.
Examine the development of mathematical concepts throughout the primary years of schooling and relate it to the content of the Australian Curriculum.

Investigate and plan pedagogical approaches to mathematics in the primary years for diverse learners.

Develop appropriate and inclusive methods and structures for the planning and assessment of mathematics.

Folio outline
This Assignment task requires you to create a unit of work (over 3-5 lessons) for either a F-2 class, 3-4 class or a 5-6 class. Your unit of work should provide an opportunity for students to explore key concepts of each of the three content strands within the AC Maths (Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability) across a series of related lessons.

As part of the folio task you will need to compare and evaluate strategies and resources designed for mathematics teaching, as well as generate evidence of your capacity to plan and assess units and lessons based on sound pedagogical principles that demonstrate your understanding of the Australian Curriculum.

Folio topic/theme
In determining a focus for your unit, you should choose a topic, theme, or pretext which connects the three content strands. You should also look for ways to incorporate inclusive, integrated and/or holistic approaches into your teaching and assessment design.

Folio structure
Your unit of work folio will be prepared as a Word document and will include the following items:

A detailed introduction contextualising the folio
Unit plan with unit overview
The unit plan should demonstrate how the lessons fit together as a whole and contribute to a students’ knowledge of a topic and meeting the overall objectives. The length of the unit should be 3-6 lessons, and demonstrate learning objectives and some form of assessment that students would be able to complete by the end of the unit.

The unit plan and overview should include:

The objectives and aims of the unit
Pedagogical approaches
The background context-including year level and prior knowledge of students
The strands and elements from the Australian Curriculum that you are addressing
A plan noting the lessons and topic breakdowns (e.g. timeline overview of the unit)
An assessment plan for the unit. This should align with the unit objectives and consider how to cater for diversity or inclusive approaches.
Resource list
Provide a specific list of resources (including stimuli, texts, tools, ICT). All references should be appropriately cited using APA style. You can include this either as part of your lesson plans, your unit plan, or as a separate document, as long as this is captured and referenced correctly. For example, you may refer to these in your lesson plans for context, but direct to a separate list that is more specific with references.
Provide a concise reflection on your development of the unit plan, including:

an examination and evaluation of the development of mathematical concepts explored through your unit of work
your rationale for the pedagogy, activities and other key choices you have made.
You should also refer to anywhere that your choices have been inspired by or are related to the three teacher characters in the learning materials.

As this is a folio designed to highlight lesson planning and how you would design and teach a unit of work in practice, the writing style does not need to be formal and can include dot points and other concise text, but it must be clear enough to be a practical and useful set of documents that another teacher could utilise. Supporting resources and other relevant work by others also needs to be cited and referenced according to APA standard.

Additional resources
Additional resources: Referencing guide (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (this includes guidelines on how to cite and reference ACARA and ELYF)
Additional resources: Assignment support (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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