Ethics for Managers

MMH733: Ethics for Managers
Assignment 2
Due date: 17th September 2017 at 23h59
Submission: online via CloudDeakin
Weight: 40%
Word limit: 3000 words
Formatting: 1.5 line spacing; 12 point font; Times New Roman or Arial
Task: Individual
Founded in Sweden by a 17-year old Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 and now regarded
as one of the largest retailers in the world, IKEA has definitely stood the test of
time. IKEA is often in the press and have provided quite a lot of information about
the business on their own corporate website and thus provide us with a good
opportunity to study an organisation from the perspective of ethics.
To get you started, you will find three press articles and four links to reports from
the past few years about IKEA:
You will find out more about IKEA here:
• _
Here is a link to some of the IKEA media releases:
• _
You will find the key figures about Ikea here:
• _
You need to do your own research and consider IKEA from the following ethical
1. What are the most significant ethical issues that IKEA has faced
recently? How has the company addressed them?
2. How does IKEA’s vision, mission and code of practice influence its
actions? Give examples that illustrate this.
3. Discuss IKEA’s CSR actions from the perspective of Carroll’s Four
Part Model of Corporate Social Responsibility.
4. According to Mitchell et al’s (1997) three key relationship attributes
(power, legitimacy and urgency), who are IKEA’s key stakeholders?
For these stakeholders, do you think IKEA treats them ethically?
Justify your answer.
5. Considering your research and analysis, provide a number of
recommendations for the organisation in order for it to be a more
ethical company in the future.
Assignment 1 Template
Cover Page
Ensure a cover page is attached to the front of your report, showing unit
name, your name, date of submission, and your student ID number.
Abstract (approx. 100 words; not included in word count)
Type a short abstract that briefly describes the purpose of the project, and
what the main findings are.
(You may want to do the abstract once the assignment is done.)
Introduction (approx. 100 words)
This section must cover two main things
(a) a brief introduction and background to the study
For the introduction and background, you must provide a brief introduction
to the reader about the assignment, its relevance and importance etc.
(b) the objectives of the study
You need to clearly state the key objectives (2-3) of the assignment.
Analysis of the case study (approx. 2800 words)
Address the 5 questions provided and discuss IKEA from the perspective of
business ethics. You should allocate approximately equal weight to each of
the questions (500 – 600 words per question).
Conclusion (approx. 100 words)
Write a short concluding comment which reminds the reader what the main
purpose of the research was, how you went about addressing the
objectives of the study, what data you used and the main findings were.
Also write a short paragraph on the main limitations of the study…i.e. what
is/are the main weaknesses of the study which you would like to bring to the
attention of the readers.
Include a list of relevant references in alphabetical order, using Harvard
Appendix (optional)
Additional Information
Submission of Report
Students are required to submit only an electronic copy of their report (in
MS Word) in the area provided on Cloud Deakin by 23h59 on the due date.
Supporting diagrams
Use tables and diagrams where appropriate. All tables and diagrams must
be numbered, labeled and briefly explained in the text of your paper e.g.
“Table 2 shows the GDP growth of the main economies ….”
Use a 12 point font. (Times New Roman or Arial). The report should be 1.5
line spaced with an extra line space between each paragraph. Please use
page numbers and indicate at the end of your report the word count.
Word Count
The word limit is 3000 and will be strictly adhered to. A 10% penalty (from
the available marks) will apply for deviating from this word limit. The
following sections are NOT included in the word count:
Cover Page; Abstract; References; Appendices.
Students are expected to prepare for the report by reading and citing a
range of references. These could include journal articles, books, newspaper
articles, business reports, and government reports.
Extensions may be granted on the grounds of illness or special
consideration (not foreseen possibilities like travel time taken for work). If
you need an extension please discuss this with the unit chair as soon as
possible. A medical certificate must accompany any extension requests
based on illness.
Assessment of the report
This report is worth 40% of your final grade. The rubric is available on
CloudDeakin. You should refer to these criteria when preparing your report
for submission. Your results and assessor’s comments will be returned to
you normally within 15 business days of the due date (unless an extension
has been granted). You will be notified by an announcement on
CloudDeakin. Students are expected to regularly check CloudDeakin for
such announcements.

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