Enterprise Architecture Framework: Discuss how these (3) frameworks relate to the 8 core EA activities. Which would you recommend for Western Illinois University project (Zachman, TOGAF, or META). If hired as a consultant, what would be your approach?

  1. Discuss how the (3) frameworks listed below relate to the 8 core EA activities(attached).

    Please choose from these (3) enterprise architecture frameworks to answer the following question:
    -The Zachman framework
    -The open group architecture framework (TOGAF)
    -Gartner framework

    2. Which approach would you recommend for the Western Illinois University Enterprise Architecture project? If you were hired as consultant on the project, what would be your approach?

    I have attached the 8 core activities of EA discussed in our book. Please discuss how these framework relate to these activities. Then discuss which of these frameworks you would recommend for Western Illinois University, and what would be your approach.

    This is a discussion post(coursework), so you don’t need to include a lengthy introduction and conclusion.

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