Employment Issues and the Law – ASSIGNMENT 2016/2017

Employment Issues and the Law – ASSIGNMENT
This is an elective class for students on:
PGDip/MSc Human Resource Management
MSc International Human Resource Management
HR 595 assignment
Choose two aspects of legislation* and determine which is likely to lead to greater
organisational justice? Justify your answer with use of academic literature on organisational
justice and the laws.
Important notes
*This means either two different aspects of legislation from the UK or the same aspect in
different countries i.e.
different aspects includes Unfair dismissal; Harassment; Equal pay; Discrimination
with regard to one characteristic; Trade union rights; Redundancy. If you wish to
discuss some other aspect of law then you should notify the course coordinator
regarding your proposal and have this approved before starting work on the
If you select legislation from outside the UK you must provide evidence of the
legislation in an appendix in English
Word limit
The word limit/guidance is 2000 words excluding references
Outline Issues/concepts
 Principles of justice – features of procedural and distributive justice –possibly
indicate which are key and why
 Principles of the laws that you have selected –not forgetting Codes if applicable
and significant case law
 Discussion on the relevance of distributive/ procedural justice or both to the law
 Analysis of whether and how the law applies the principles of justice
 Point out where it complies and how
 Point out gaps or shortcomings of the law
 Provide an overall conclusion regarding the gaps between what “justice” would
demand and what the law demands
Upload only to MyPlace (HR959) by 4pm Monday 17 April 2017.

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